Wealth managers take fiduciary duty seriously. So should their M&A advisor.

By removing the success fee at the completion of a transaction, Turkey Hill is fully aligned with the client’s best interest, not with the commission at the end of the deal.

Unbiased M&A advice for the wealth management industry.

Turkey Hill Provides

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Turkey Hill provides full-scale M&A advice, with services customized for each client to support individual needs and concerns. Whether you are looking to sell your business or acquire a new one, Turkey Hill is with you from planning out a prospect list to the closing of a deal. 

Turkey Hill exists to support the individuals at the helm of a company as they decide the next best step forward for their business.

Our Services

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What do the owners want to get out of a transaction? Are we planning for succession, building out service offerings, freeing up capacity, or looking for an investment to continue growth? How do you want to convey the partnership story to your clients and employees? What are your fears going into a deal and how do we help to allay them?

Turkey Hill will never convince a seller to go to market to more firms than what feels right. We work together to craft a story, debrief on meetings, understand the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the proposals we receive, and ensure fair terms are reached on all definitive documents. 

Turkey Hill strives to maintain a positive relationship between buyer and seller through negotiations, so a long-lasting partnership begins on positive footing.

Sellside representation begins with a holistic understanding of your business.

For Sellers

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Turkey Hill understands that bringing in a partner can have a significant impact on the culture of your firm. Crafting an economically sound proposal is just as important as ensuring a company is the right fit for the enterprise you have built. 

Turkey Hill works with buyers to prioritize acquisition criteria: Are we helping to grow AUM? Increase service offerings? Find a successor? What about location? Do we care more about size or price tag? Are there any special qualities we are looking for in the target’s leadership team?

Then Turkey Hill will work with buyers through every step of the acquisition, building models, crafting LOIs, assisting with due diligence and negotiating definitive documents, until a successful closing is reached.

Whether it’s your first acquisition or your fiftieth,

For Buyers

We help buy-side and sell-side clients through full M&A processes with careful attention paid to the client’s desired outcome. Economic negotiations are all part of the job, but the true measure of success is whether clients, employees and founders all feel taken care of at the completion of a deal.    

If you've decided that a merger or acquisition is the best next step for your company, we're here for you.

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